Elemental Analysis of Lithium Ion Battery Cathode and Anode Precursor Chemicals LFP and SiC

The presence of elemental impurities within the cathode and anode of lithium-ion batteries has a direct impact on achieved energy density, longevity, and safety. It is critical that precursor chemical producers and battery manufacturers understand the elemental impurities in the precursor chemicals they are using to ensure highest quality lithium-ion batteries.
Modern ICP-OES technology enables simple and rapid determination of the elemental impurities in all components of lithium-ion batteries. Dr. Singha and Dr. Qi will cover sample preparation as well detailed insights into the ICP-OES analysis of both LFP cathode precursor as well as silicon-graphite anode precursor to streamline your lithium-ion battery elemental analysis needs.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to prepare silicon-graphite anode and lithium iron phosphate cathode samples for successful ICP-OES analysis
  • New to ICP-OES? Use the IntelliQuant sample screening function to help you develop your ICP-OES method.
  • How to avoid spectral interference using automated software tools

Who Should Attend:

  • Inorganic Lab Managers performing lithium-ion battery cathode or anode analysis
  • QA/QC analytical chemists working at fine chemical producers who manufacture salts for battery chemicals
  • Electrolyte test technicians
  • Battery mineral refinery chemists