Enhancing Process Safety – With In Situ Gas Analysis

During this live webinar you will learn how you can include gas analysis with Tunable Diode Lasers (TDLs) to reduce the risk of explosion in critical stages of chemical processes such as inertization, exothermic reactions, Volatile Organic Content (VOC) treatment or hydrogenation.

When preparing a HAZOP in situations where a deviation can lead to an explosion risk, real-time, in situ gas analyzers that can trigger alarms and process controls can provide a highly effective method for lowering risk.

The presenter will explain how from Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) to incident investigation, METTLER TOLEDO provides support for risk reduction and efficient validation and reporting. By supplying reliable, in situ gas analyzers, we are able to support your Independent Protection Layers (IPL) with a critical measurement element to help improve safety.