From research to routine: GC×GC for every challenge

The most essential part of a GC×GC system is the modulator, so it is important to choose the right device for the application.

Join our webinar to hear about the recent advances in GC×GC technology and how they are extending its capabilities from the niche to the mainstream.

We’ll be discussing the advantages of both flow and thermal modulation to help simplify the decision-making process. For example, how robust and repeatable flow modulation allows GC×GC to be a productive member of high-throughput labs, while thermal modulation delivers the enhanced sensitivity and increased peak capacity for unparalleled characterisation of even the most challenging samples.

Furthermore, we will share some examples of real-life applications that have benefited from the separating power of GC×GC using both flow and thermal modulation.


By attending this webinar you will:

  • Understand the benefits of GC×GC and what it offers over and above standard GC
  • Discover the advantages of both flow and thermal modulation
  • Learn about the new INSIGHT-Thermal modulator for GC×GC
  • Explore the latest GC×GC applications for both research and routine laboratories, including odor profiling, petrochemical fingerprinting and environmental monitoring


Who should attend:

  • GC(–MS) users who want to enhance their ability to analyse complex samples.
  • GC(–MS) analysts who want to find out more about GC×GC.
  • GC×GC practitioners wanting to further their knowledge on recent advances in applications, hardware and software.