GC Solutions for Hydrogen Impurities Analysis

By attending this presentation you will learn about:

  • Regulatory considerations for high-purity hydrogen impurities
  • Different GC platforms for hydrogen impurities analysis
  • Advantages of different GC configurations

Event overview

Impurity analysis of different grades of hydrogen has become an urgent need for users. The impurities He, Ne, N2, Ar, and CH4 will dilute H2 concentration, and CO/CO2 will decrease the lifetime of the fuel cell. The presence of trace sulfides can lead to fuel cell catalysts poisoning.

In this webinar, the speakers will deliver the total solution for hydrogen impurities analysis including five different GC configurations:

  • GC-TCD/FID for ppm-level total hydrocarbon analysis
  • GC-PDHID for CO2, CO, CH4, Ar, and N2 analysis at ppb level
  • GC-SCD for sulfur compounds
  • GCMS for the detection of formaldehyde
  • Micro GC for fast analysis of permanent gas

The results obtained from the flexible and diverse GC configurations show excellent performance of Agilent GC products. The solution can meet different analysis requirements of users. Speakers will also highlight the advantages of different configurations and how customers can choose the right GC products according to their own needs.