HPLC Method Development: From Beginner to Expert, Part 1

From beginner to expert, we can all benefit from a review of HPLC basics. In this two-part talk, we will work our way from basic chromatographic principles to advanced method development topics.

In Method Development 101, we will cover such fundamentals as partitioning, retention factor, selectivity, and resolution. After a quick review of these basics, we seek to better understand the resolution equation and what it tells us about establishing or changing method conditions. We will also discuss how the physical/chemical properties of our analytes impact our choice of column chemistries.

Method Development 102 will review and expand upon some of the 101 fundamentals as we cover advanced topics such as how to best transfer a method from one column dimension to another. We will explore reasons for why some methods are quite difficult to transfer to a different HPLC system. In addition, we will look at gradient method development and how to efficiently use a scouting gradient to quickly develop a good HPLC method.