Improving Results and Accuracy of Karl Fisher Water Content Determination in Lithium Ion Battery Components

Do you perform KF water determination in lithium ion battery components utilizing the indirect oven method and/or direct sample titration?

Join our live webinar with titration experts from Honeywell and Mettler Toledo to learn:

  • How to properly use the indirect KF water determination oven method for solid samples
  • Tips and tricks for recommended oven setup and titration method
  • Tips and tricks for proper coulometric KF water determination of liquid samples
  • Recommended coulometric KF reagents for battery electrolytes WITH and WITHOUT reactive additives
  • Recommended coulometric method parameters for Mettler Toledo titrators
  • How to handle liquid samples and water standards correctly

This webinar will be moderated by Allison Reiter, Offering Management Lead – Honeywell Research Chemicals.