In-line Quality Control in Breweries

Greater Confidence in Your Processes.

In-line measurement of quality-related analytics supplement process control with important information.

In this webinar, we will show how the in-line measurement of relevant parameters helps to drive processes closer to their optimum.

One focus will be on the in-line measurement of pH and we will present a new sensor technology that simplifies the brewing process from mashing to filling.

The webinar will also shed light on how the combination of color and turbidity measurement with scattered light at 25° and 90° has a positive influence on mashing, fermentation and filtration. And how transmitted light and reflection sensors optimize phase changes and enable product recognition.

Oxygen measurement along the process helps to detect faults in the system, enabling timely actions before out-of-spec oxygen causes lasting damage to your product.

The large number of measuring points in breweries requires a smart concept for the verification and calibration of in-line dissolved oxygen sensors.  A solution for these tasks will also be presented.