Minimize Carry Over and Contamination on Your Agilent ICP-MS

Techniques and tools for improve wash out of “sticky” elements, such as B, Tl, and Hg, on an Agilent ICP-MS will be discussed. An understanding where the individual elements stick in the instrument aids in the chemistry and the sequence of rinse solutions used for their removal. Use of the Pre-emptive rinse and Intelligent Rinse features within the MassHunter software greatly improve washout of these sticky elements.

Features and setup of an Integrated Sample Introduction System (ISIS) also reduce carry over of these elements. Eliminating contamination increases the probability that accurate sample results can be obtained. Sources of common lab contaminants and methods used for their elimination will also be discussed. A semi-Cool plasma technique may be discussed to demonstrate how to calibrate and obtain somewhat lower levels of alkali metals in the presence of their interferences.