Moisture Measurement in Plant-Based Foods

Fast, reliable, and accurate moisture analysis is essential in the production of various foods and food ingredients for traditional food manufacturers as well as new players in the market, such as plant-based food alternatives. The moisture or water content can influence the quality, processability, and shelf life of these products, and can therefore affect pricing and production processes.

Watch this live webinar to gain an understanding of the basics of moisture analysis and get an overview of different techniques for moisture and water determination. The webinar also focuses on how to optimize methods with a moisture analyzer for typical samples such as TVP (texturized vegetable protein), wet texturized protein and typical ingredients. Furthermore, additional typical applications for quality control such as e.g. NaCl determination will be shown.

Join our live webinar to learn the advantages and disadvantages of different techniques for moisture and water determination, as well as how to choose the right instrument and optimize moisture methods for plant-based meat alternatives.