Precise Weighing in Flow Wrap Applications

Trends in Lightweight and Individualized Packaging

Flow wrap packaging is moving toward individualized packaging in smaller sizes and newer, sustainable materials. With higher speed requirements, lighter weight packages and increases in packaging costs, minimizing product giveaway and packaging waste can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. How do you maximize profitability and achieve precise weighing in these high-speed environments?

Join us for our live webinar, “How to Achieve Precise Weighing in Flow Wrap Packaging” to learn more!

This webinar will also provide valuable information about our comprehensive service solutions. Keep your system running and minimize unplanned downtime with our global service network and comprehensive maintenance plans.

Program Overview

  • Understand the critical challenges in high-speed flow wrap production lines
  • Achieve the highest accuracy for small, individualized product packaging at the highest speeds
  • Discover how the next generation of checkweighers uses FlashCell™ improved mechanics and software options to maximize throughput and accuracy
  • Learn how precision weighing helps minimize costs